The Grimstone Foundation is a family-based UK charity (Registered Number 1069550).  Its registered address is at 34 Boscobel Place, London SW1W 9PE.  The charity’s present trustees are: 

                        Mr Gerry Grimstone (Chairman);

                        Miss Jenny Grimstone (Secretary);

                        Mr Toby Grimstone;

Miss Anna Grimstone; and

                        Mr Richard Ruch.

The Foundation is a private -based grant-giving body whose capital and income may be applied by the trustees towards the general purposes of such charitable bodies or for such other purposes as shall be exclusively charitable as the trustees may from time to time decide.  In practice, the grants given by the Foundation reflect the personal interests of the trustees which include relief work overseas, helping young people attain their objectives in life, improving cultural and other relations between countries in part by the provision of travelling scholarships and other educational assistance, and providing assistance for projects aimed at helping deprived groups, particularly in Inner Cities.  The trustees are prepared to consider making grants outside these areas of activities.

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